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Inspection & Maintenance - Shelving

Our mobile shelving products are innovative and space-saving storage systems, that are suitable for use in many workplaces. Manufactured from quality steel in the UK, they are designed to withstand considerable wear and tear, however, the best way to ensure the longevity of these systems is through regular maintenance.

Whittan offer mobile shelving inspections and maintenance services, which help lower the overall cost of upkeep by identifying damage early on.

Shelving Inspections

In order to comply with PUWER regulations, it is recommended that your mobile shelving system is inspected by an expert every 12 months. Our trained service engineers can come to your premises to review and test your storage equipment, ensuring that it's working correctly and is being used safely.

As part of this inspection, our experts will provide you with a report that details the current status of your mobile shelving system. This report will outline any instances of damage to the equipment and quote for any repair work that is required.

Shelving Repairs

Our maintenance teams will review your storage system thoroughly, to identify any instances of damage. This includes asking the following:

  • Are the tracks and surrounding floor areas clear of debris and not showing any signs of excessive wear?
  • Are the tracks level and securely tightened?
  • Are all handwheel knobs present and in good order?
  • Have the wheels and bearings been checked for smooth operation?
  • Are the wheels in the correct position in the tracks and do they show minimal levels of wear?
  • Is the chassis showing any signs of distortion? Are the welds in good condition?
  • Is the system loaded evenly?

Non Planned Maintenance

We can also offer a call-out service, for when your mobile system isn’t working properly. If the mechanism is not working effectively, one of our skilled engineers will attend site for a one-off charge. They will repair what they can there and then, or provide enough information to quote for any new parts required.

If you think your mobile shelving system hasn’t been tested by an expert in the last 12 months, or might be in need of repair, why not book an inspection or maintenance service with Whittan today?

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