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CDM Regulations

Whilst we operate in most cases as a contractor, our experience in large scale storage scheme installations means that we are able to offer a comprehensive project management service, under current Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

The key aim of these regulations is to integrate health & safety requirements into the management of the project at hand, and to encourage everyone involved to work together to:

  1. Improve the planning and management of projects from the very start
  2. Identify risks early on, so that they can be eliminated or reduced at the design or planning stage and the remaining risks can be properly managed
  3. Target effort where it can do the most good, in terms of health and safety and discourage unnecessary bureaucracy

Why assign a Principle Contractor?

CDM Regulations frequently cover the implementation of larger storage schemes, such as warehouse pallet racking, or large multi-tier shelving schemes. If such a scheme consists of 500 man hours or more, then this is a notifiable project and requires, under the regulations, the appointment of a Principle Contractor as well as a CDM Co-ordinator.

Often clients have neither the experience, nor resources, to fulfil these roles. To appoint a third party to manage the requirement can be overly costly and often problematic. This is where Whittan, can help by contracting the role of Principle Contractor and fulfilling the requirements of the regulations.

How do you benefit?

As Principle Contractor, we will be focused on the planning and management of the project and on-site health and safety, so you don’t have to assign your precious resources to this part of the project.

The time and resources invested at the start of the project will pay dividends, not only in improved health and safety, but also in reductions in the overall cost of ownership, reduced delays, reliability of costings and completion dates, improved communication and co-operation between key parties, the improved quality of the finished product and not least the reduction or elimination of accidents on site.

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