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The right storage can help you make the most of your space, however you use it. At Whittan, we make it easy for your business to identify, install and immediately benefit from exactly what you need, whether this is pallet racking, shelving or lockers.

Choose from a variety of services to suit your needs, from concept to completion. These extend from designing the best solutions to suit your space through project management to expert installation, maintenance, training and inspection – and friendly ongoing support so that you continue to extract value from the storage solutions we provide.

As a customer, you might specify storage requirements once in a lifetime, whilst at Whittan we design storage solutions every day, and with over 70 years’ experience, we have developed a level of expertise for you to draw on.

Our cutting edge Design360 software package, allows us to provide you with a quick, accurate proposals that showcase solutions clearly.

Unlike many specialists who charge for bespoke storage design work, our services provide your ideal storage design free of charge, along with detailed quotations. We let you see the quality of the storage solution design we are capable of offering, before letting you decide the best route to creating your perfect storage system.

Our experience allows us to work with you, to achieve the optimum solution based on your requirements, to meet your timescale and budget.

Our site survey service is an important part of this process, and in some cases our installation supervisors, accompany storage scheme experts, to view and comment on any logistical difficulties pre quotation, meaning you do not get any unwanted surprises when installation work starts.

We are here to help.

At Whittan, we offer storage consultancy to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and assess whether your site can safely accommodate the proposed storage requirement. We offer site survey plans across all of our pallet racking, shelving and lockers products.

Our survey design services will include an assessment of the floor condition, load capability, service ducting, column, door and window locations, ceiling heights and position of stairs and lifts. This can all speed up installation, prevent clashes and hazards on site, and reduce cost and project overrun. Our site survey and design team can make sure that this is done effectively.

The free site survey will also collate information pertinent to the successful execution of the project such as vehicle restrictions, hours of work, phasing around other trades and the necessary mechanical handling equipment, as well as any information required to produce method statements and risk assessments.

In many cases, a full survey is not required until post-order, with the sales team having established at quotation stage the viability of the site for the proposed use.

Our Sales Support is unrivalled, providing a higher level of detail than most. Our consultative approach draws on over 70 years’ on-site experience and for large projects may involve liaison with third parties such as your facilities or building services manager, architects, consultants and contractors.

Our storage experts can also identify how we might improve your productivity after assessing how many people will use the system, which items are faster moving or more frequently accessed, stored in bulk or individually.

Sales managers are trained to use the tools required for survey, not only with electronic measuring devices, but also to use basic laser measuring equipment to determine the state of a floor before committing to whether high density storage systems can be used.

Whittan manufactures steel storage systems from three sites based in the UK. With over 70 years’ experience we are the largest UK based manufacturer in the storage industry.

We possess a wealth of expertise providing storage solutions for a wide range of customers and market sectors. Specifying storage requirements can be a once in a decade event for many of our customers, at Whittan, it’s a part of our everyday life.

As a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and installation of storage systems from archives and records storage to industrial and manufacturing processes, e-commerce, and retail stock rooms to warehousing and logistics, personal item storage and everything in between, we know how to focus on and deliver to our customers’ needs.

Our expertise and experience have allowed us to develop a wide range of standard products that can be extensively configured to suit almost any storage requirement; large or small, simple or complex. We are Whittan and we know storage.

Our project management team is structured to service the varied storage requirements of our customers, irrespective of size, complexity or location. From the initial briefing and site survey to detailed design proposals, manufacturing, installation and final commissioning, our storage experts take project planning seriously, so you know your project is in good hands.

Our project management expertise is available across each of our product ranges, including lockers, shelving, racking and mezzanine.

We have the skills and resources necessary, to provide you with peace of mind that your project will be managed safely, from start to finish.

Our experienced personnel are fully trained, and will approach your storage equipment installation, with care and attention, to achieve the best practical solution on site. Where appropriate, we can assign a project manager to facilitate this, especially on larger projects.

Your project manager is responsible for:

  • Managing your contract, from receipt to final account
  • Liaising with our design team and your management team
  • Managing the agreed programme
  • Recording and reporting progress
  • On-site issues relating to design and installation
  • Establishing safe working practices on-site

To make sure each project runs smoothly, your project manager is supported by highly skilled installation supervisors, who attend to the daily site requirements of the contract – from material flow and resolution of installation problems, to the interface with other trades.

Our national field installation manager, co-ordinates all labour requirements nationwide, making sure the right people, are in the right place, at the right time, to meet the overall programme and milestone dates for your project.

The Whittan Group installs more pallet racking, shelving and lockers than anyone else in the UK.

We are the only major pallet racking manufacturer to employ our own installation teams and we fully endorse the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS) provided through SEMA. Using this standard, we ensure that only trained and competent personnel are used for key activities during the installation of a storage system. The SEIRS scheme is nationally recognised by the Health and Safety Executive and the qualification is a requirement to obtain a Construction Related Occupation certification under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

We place great emphasis on the safe design, installation and technical performance of all our products. Our installation service ensures that your storage requirements are fitted in the most safe and efficient manner and are handed over to you ready for the purpose. We offer pallet racking, mezzanine, shelving, locker and complete turnkey project installations.

We also support the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). This scheme covers 220 occupations; including trades, technical, supervisory and management. The CSCS card lists the holder’s qualifications and is valid for either three or five years. It also demonstrates that they have health and safety awareness, as all cardholders must pass the appropriate CITB-Construction Skills Health and Safety Test.

Additionally, our quality assurance systems, assessed to ISO 9001, cover not only manufacturing, but also installation, ensuring that all processes are formalised and regularly audited.

Whilst we operate in most cases as a contractor, our experience in large scale storage scheme installations means that we are able to offer a comprehensive project management service, under current Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

The key aim of these regulations is to integrate health & safety requirements into the management of the project at hand, and to encourage everyone involved to work together to:

  • Improve the planning and management of projects from the very start
  • Identify risks early on, so that they can be eliminated or reduced at the design or planning stage and the remaining risks can be properly managed
  • Target effort where it can do the most good, in terms of health and safety and discourage unnecessary bureaucracy

Why assign a Principle Contractor?

CDM Regulations frequently cover the implementation of larger storage schemes, such as warehouse pallet racking, or large multi-tier shelving schemes. If such a scheme consists of 500 man hours or more, then this is a notifiable project and requires, under the regulations, the appointment of a Principle Contractor as well as a CDM Co-ordinator.In many cases, a full survey is not required until post-order, with the sales team having established at quotation stage the viability of the site for the proposed use.

Often clients have neither the experience, nor resources, to fulfil these roles. To appoint a third party to manage the requirement can be overly costly and often problematic. This is where Whittan, can help by contracting the role of Principle Contractor and fulfilling the requirements of the regulations.

How do you benefit?

As Principle Contractor, we will be focused on the planning and management of the project and on-site health and safety, so you don’t have to assign your precious resources to this part of the project.

The time and resources invested at the start of the project will pay dividends, not only in improved health and safety, but also in reductions in the overall cost of ownership, reduced delays, reliability of costings and completion dates, improved communication and co-operation between key parties, the improved quality of the finished product and not least the reduction or elimination of accidents on site.

We offer a range of maintenance plans, with additional training benefits, tailored to meet your short and long term requirements:


  • One annual SEMA approved rack inspection, which includes a detailed damage report
  • You’ll receive an annual reminder to help you keep in line with HSE regulations
  • We will provide a comprehensive summary of remedial works required on any manufacturers racking**

Standard Plus

  • One annual SEMA approved inspection each year for TWO years, with price guarantee*
  • ONE SPACE on our in-house Rack Safety Awareness training course or 10% DISCOUNT on a Rack Safety Awareness course at your site
  • You’ll receive an annual reminder to help you keep in line with HSE regulations


  • One annual SEMA approved inspection each year for THREE years, with price guarantee*
  • TWO SPACES on our in-house Rack Safety Awareness training course or 25% Discount on a Rack Safety Awareness course at your site
  • 10% off any remedial work highlighted during your inspection**
  • You’ll receive an annual reminder to help you keep in line with HSE regulations


  • One annual SEMA approved inspection each year for THREE years, with price guarantee*
  • THREE SPACES on our in-house Rack Safety Awareness training course OR
  • ONE Rack Safety Awareness course at your site, for up to 6 delegates
  • 15% off any remedial work highlighted during your inspection**
  • You’ll receive an annual reminder to help you keep in line with HSE regulations

*Any significant changes to your racking would need to be discussed

**Subject to product availability


Following your inspection, we can also usually offer a quote to deal with any remedial work required. We have access to components from most major pallet racking manufacturers, not just our own and we also have experienced installers than can deal with most repairs for you. This allows you to leave everything to us, safe in the knowledge that we can help you stay compliant and sort out any red or amber risks that may have been flagged during the inspection.

If you have had your inspection done by someone else, we can also still provide a quote for repairs – just send us your report and component list and we will do the rest.

Do you have multiple sites across the UK that need pallet inspection services? We are here to help! We have vast experience in working with large corporations, to ensure alignment with up to date inspections and training. Whatever you need, The Whittan Group can provide!

Please call us for a quote, or email

Our Rack Safety Awareness Course is a half-day session, that teaches your staff everything they need to know about how to properly maintain warehouse pallet racking systems, for safer usage and a longer lifespan.

Racking safety awareness at your site

We understand the demands on staff time involved in any busy workplace, and that’s why we come to your site to carry out our Rack Safety Awareness Courses, for groups of around 4-6 people. The course consists of both ‘classroom’ based learning, involving presentations, and question and answer sessions with one of our SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors), and hands on instructions, where our racking expert will tour your warehouse, to examine your racking and highlight real issues to watch out for, that are specific to your business.

Please contact us for a quote for the on-site racking safety awareness course.

Racking Safety Awareness Course agenda

The course is divided into three sections – initial presentations and explanation of non-technical theory, the hands on tour of your warehouse whereby a SEMA racking inspection will take place, and a follow up discussion. The topics covered teach your staff to appreciate everything they need to ensure the safety and longevity of your racking system, including:

  • Identifying key components of the system
  • Recognising damage
  • How to report damage
  • The importance of signage
  • How to prevent damage from occurring

The course only takes half a working day, so if you want to offer safety awareness training to a large group of individuals, you can easily fit two sessions into one day.

What’s so important about racking safety awareness?

Pallet racking deals with heavy duty storage requirements on a daily basis, and even with our market-leading systems, made from top UK manufacturing processes, problems – while not necessarily common – can occur. This can be due to operator error, poor housekeeping, overloading or lack of maintenance, amongst other reasons.

Damage to pallet racking can lead to major problems, like accidents, costly stock losses and even injuries and fatalities; which is why it’s crucial that everyone who works with your pallet racking systems, understands the safe working practices they should be working to. Our courses are suitable for everyone, from logistics managers and health and safety officers, to forklift truck drivers and packers.

Arranging one of our courses at your premises, helps you spot damage to your pallet racking system early on, save on costly repairs and avoid dangerous accidents. SEMA also recommends an approved engineer, inspects your racking system every 12 months to maintain racking safety.

For a limited period we’re offering a special in-house course taking place at our Telford office, for the price of £175 plus VAT per person.

The course will take place on the following days (all based at Telford):

  • Thursday 11th January 2024
  • Thursday 15th February 2024
  • Thursday 14th March 2024
  • Thursday 18th April 2024
  • Thursday 16th May 2024
  • Thursday 13th June 2024

Course timings:

  • Course start time – 9.00am
  • Course finish time – 1.00pm

We will talk you through everything you need to know about industry best practices, including identifying components, recognising damage, reporting issues and preventing future problems taking place.

Led by one of our racking experts, the course explains everything in non-technical terms, so anyone from a logistics manager to a forklift operator can take part, and all attendees are awarded a certificate for taking part. Why not arrange for multiple members of your staff to attend to ensure your business is complying with approved industry standards?

To book your place just fill in the form on the right of this page and a member of our team will be in touch to organise payment details. But hurry, because places are limited* and we operate on a first come first served basis.

*Please note: we reserve the right to cancel the event, if fewer than 4 places are booked. In such an event full refunds will be provided.

No matter how carefully you use your storage scheme, damage will occur from time to time, which can result in serious consequences, including injury to staff, if left undetected. We have a skilled team of safety engineers, who are on hand to provide SEMA approved pallet racking inspections, to determine the safety and structural integrity of your pallet racking systems and warehouse safety.

As pallet racking suppliers with SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARI), we are perfectly positioned to report on the status of your installation, regardless of the original supplier and ensure SEMA codes of practice. Our experts are one of only a few people in the whole of the UK that can do this!

We provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing any damage and will grade your racking using a simple red, amber and green system to signify severity. We will also offer a quotation for repairing any outstanding damage and outline ways to avoid similar issues occurring in the future, including introducing you to our range of Accessories and Protection work equipment, such as barriers, upright protectors, rails, signage and floor markings. This will ensure that safe workplace conditions are met.

Are inspections a legal requirement for companies?

A warehouse owner is obligated to ensure the health and safety of it's employees, so a guide by HSE, the British government's health and safety department, provides extremely important recommendations and discusses legal responsibilities. It is important that the owner defines their responsibilities, however, they do not need to follow every single word of the document precisely, in order to be on the right side of the law. For clarity, the following statement is made at the beginning of the document;

"This guidance is issued by the Health and Safety Executive. Following the guidance is not compulsory and you are free to take other action. But if you do follow the guidance you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law. Health and safety inspectors seek to secure compliance with the law and may refer to this guidance as illustrating good practice.”

It is not illegal to have an inspection, but in not having an annual racking inspection, employers and warehouse owners go against HSE’s advice. This means that if an accident related to racking were to happen, they would be both legally and morally responsible. In not having a SEMA approved racking inspection, a person could argue that the warehouse owner did not ensure their safety “so far as is reasonably practicable”.

SEMA Bulletin – Types of Inspection

Bulletin issued by SEMA; Our inspection service ticks all of the boxes in the full survey – SARI Report & MTO List. We will provide a material list of components identified for corrective action/replacement in our pallet racking inspection checklist, regardless of manufacturer. In most cases, we can then provide a no obligation proposal, to provide the components needed. To view the full bulletin please Click Here.

Racking Safety Training Courses

SEMA guidelines suggest you should have at least one inspection from an expert every 12 months, but you should also run regular inspection checks on a weekly or monthly basis by your own company. Our racking safety training courses help your staff understand everything they need to know about operational best practices, how to recognise damage early on to save time and money, and how best to correctly report problems.

Our mobile shelving products are innovative and space-saving storage systems, that are suitable for use in many workplaces. Manufactured from quality steel in the UK, they are designed to withstand considerable wear and tear, however, the best way to ensure the longevity of these systems is through regular maintenance.

Whittan offer mobile shelving inspections and maintenance services, which help lower the overall cost of upkeep by identifying damage early on.

Shelving Inspections

In order to comply with PUWER regulations, it is recommended that your mobile shelving system is inspected by an expert every 12 months. Our trained service engineers can come to your premises to review and test your storage equipment, ensuring that it's working correctly and is being used safely.

As part of this inspection, our experts will provide you with a report that details the current status of your mobile shelving system. This report will outline any instances of damage to the equipment and quote for any repair work that is required.

Shelving Repairs

Our maintenance teams will review your storage system thoroughly, to identify any instances of damage. This includes asking the following:

  • Are the tracks and surrounding floor areas clear of debris and not showing any signs of excessive wear?
  • Are the tracks level and securely tightened?
  • Are all handwheel knobs present and in good order?
  • Have the wheels and bearings been checked for smooth operation?
  • Are the wheels in the correct position in the tracks and do they show minimal levels of wear?
  • Is the chassis showing any signs of distortion? Are the welds in good condition?
  • Is the system loaded evenly?

Non Planned Maintenance

We can also offer a call-out service, for when your mobile system isn’t working properly. If the mechanism is not working effectively, one of our skilled engineers will attend site for a one-off charge. They will repair what they can there and then, or provide enough information to quote for any new parts required.

If you think your mobile shelving system hasn’t been tested by an expert in the last 12 months, or might be in need of repair, why not book an inspection or maintenance service with Whittan today?

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