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Government Storage Solutions

Whittan works with the Government to provide innovative storage solutions that reduces costs and waste.

Public sector organisations remain under pressure to minimise spend and to reduce waste. We can support the government with innovative storage solutions, including:

Storage Shelving Units

Shelving systems that supports desk sharing and clear desk policies.

Filing Storage

Paper and document filing is still a key space issue. For ‘live’ files, we have a number of options; including mobile storage for main office areas. We also provide rotary storage units, which increases storage capacity and improves retrieval rates, as well as side-to-side storage for government offices that fits into very restricted spaces.

Archive Storage

Archive files can be accommodated in heavy duty mobile systems that can reach heights of 5 metres and lengths of 12 metres. We also offer tiered systems that maximises the height available in the area.

Emergency Services Storage

For emergency services, we design small parts storage for ambulances, heavy duty shelving for equipment, and uniform, personal, and charging lockers for police, fire, and rescue teams.

Military Storage

We know that requirements for MOD and the armed forces are vast. Storage requirements can vary, from uniform lockers and hazardous cupboards, to records management, to armoured vehicle parts and weapons storage. As a group we can meet these storage needs and more.

Property is expensive; so efficient, fit for purpose and sustainable office spaces is a key objective for any government department. By procuring our storage solutions, they can meet their wider objectives of vendor reduction, value for money, shorter lead times, increasing manufacturing jobs in the UK and streamlining ordering process.

Implementing Smarter Workplace Environments

We are an active member and supporter of national projects such as the government HUBS program. One of the key aims of this program is to deliver greater collaboration and efficiency of departments by utilising one building to house multiple government agencies. This creates savings on property costs that can be reinvested.

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