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Emergency Services Storage Solutions

Lockers and Equipment Storage

Staff lockers and equipment storage for the emergency services is an important aspect of keeping working environments clean and safe, whilst ensuring ease of access for quick turnaround times. At Whittan we can provide you with emergency services shelving solutions, that will make for a more efficient working environment, so that you can maximise space and make sure that your equipment is easy to find when you need it most.

  • Lockers with bench

  • Police evidence storage

  • Vehicle equipment storage

  • Uniform lockers

  • Equipment lockers for ambulance stations

  • Firefighter gear lockers

Police, Firefighter and Ambulance Storage Systems

Whittan have been working with the emergency services for over 70 years and during this time we have designed, manufactured and installed shelving and lockers for the emergency services, everything from large mobile shelving for the storage of evidence, uniforms, equipment or records to staff lockers for the secure storage of personal items, uniforms and PSU kit bags.

We have even installed In Charge™ Small Item Lockers for the secure charging of Airwave radios and other communication devices and our range of specially designed police lockers, with integrated CS Gas canister storage.

We have helped the emergency services throughout the UK and are pleased to be able to offer you our storage for the fire service, police service and ambulance service, with the confidence that you can purchase directly from us.

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