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Office & Archive Storage Solutions

Even in a world of digital storage, data archiving vast numbers of documents, paper and individual items is still a vital requirement for many organisations. There are several considerations when it comes to designing the most effective archive storage solutions.

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Defining Storage Needs

What needs to be stored? Books, deeds, births & death records, marriage records, wills, historical documents or a combination of them all?

What are the access requirements? Is it long term storage, or do you require frequent access?

Who needs access? A team of people, the public or a combination of the two?

Where is the archive situated? Is it in a deep archive repository location? Is it in a basement of a central bank or government building? Or is it located in a local area, such as a town hall or council building?

Are their unique circumstances? Do the items being stored have temperature or lighting sensitivities?

One thing is for sure. Whatever your challenge we have the answer.

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