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Industrial & Manufacturing Storage Solutions

From upgrading existing facilities, to full project management of a new warehouse facility; our experts are able to design, manufacture and install solutions that can support the most sophisticated manufacturing environment. We also have an extensive range of lockers, cupboards and pick bins to cater for the production environment.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial Lockers

Industrial Racking

Industrial Storage Bins

Industrial Cabinets

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Our solutions are more flexible and sophisticated than ever. There is a wide range of storage alternatives, picking alternatives and material handling equipment, so we can install the best storage systems.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Projecting inventory levels and manufacturing space is a difficult task when sizing and designing a warehouse, in order to meet current and future operating requirements. Companies must consider how much inventory they need to contain, and the associated pick facings needed to handle inventory.

Lots of business segments are experiencing a shift to small, frequent orders so projections for the number of orders per day, lines per order, and pieces per line must be calculated.
From pallet racking for bulk storage, to shelving for smaller components, or storing parts before they enter an assembly line, or to organise your processed goods prior to shipping; we have a storage solution to meet every need:

Custom Industrial & Manufacturing Storage System

•    Custom racking / shelving layouts
•    New warehouse design and upgrades to existing facilities
•    Seamless integration of material handling, racking, shelving, and more
•    Maximum storage densities in your warehouse
•    Compliance with safety, performance standards

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