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Architectural Storage Systems

As a leading provider of storage solutions, we have been supporting the architectural industry for decades by enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency with high-quality, British manufactured storage.

In the realm of architecture, spatial optimisation is key, and that's where Whittan excels. Our range of premium storage solutions, from versatile shelving to intelligent filing systems, seamlessly integrate into architectural spaces, preserving clean lines and open concepts. With our expertise, architects can create fluid designs while ensuring ample storage capacity.

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Bespoke Solutions

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful architectural projects. Whittan fosters this by offering bespoke solutions that align with unique design visions. Our storage experts work closely with architects to tailor storage units that merge seamlessly with the overall aesthetic, maximising both form and function.

Sustainability is a shared value between Whittan and the architectural industry. We prioritise eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, supporting architects in their endeavours to create sustainable, green spaces. Our durable solutions contribute to the longevity of structures, reducing the need for replacements and minimising environmental impact.

Choose Whittan to elevate your architectural designs through intelligent storage solutions. By combining innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, we empower architects to realise their creative aspirations while ensuring practical, well-organised spaces that stand the test of time. Our storage experts are ready to help.

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