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Tiered Structures for Storage

Tiered storage structure are designed to maximise a storage space on a limited footprint. They are also often a much more cost-effective storage option, especially when compared to mezzanine floors, extending current spaces and achieve an impressive level of increased storage capacity, by using the available height of a space. This can range from a one level solution, to up to five additional levels, utilising the full height capacity of the building.

This can potentially increase storage capacity by up to 300% in the same footprint or could reduce a new build by up to 75% in size.

Tiered structures allow for full access to all shelf or SKU locations as well as finding a storage solution that lets you organise goods systematically, to streamline the picking process.

They are customised storage solutions to work around your needs and can be scalable which means they can be adapted to meet your future needs as your business grows.

You can see our Shelving Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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