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Mobile Shelving Systems

High Density Shelving

Ideal for environments short on space, mobile shelving is a high-density storage solution that increases storage capacity by up to 70%.

Bespoke Roller Racking Solutions

As a bespoke solution, our storage experts can design mobile shelving to meet the size and weight of the equipment you need to store using the exact height and width of the space available. Shelving is simply mounted onto mobile bases which move along floor tracks, meaning the shelving can be specified to suit the requirements of the environment. Pull handles and hand-operated mechanical systems are used to open and close the shelving when access is required.

We offer four systems, with a solution to suit every storage need from office corridors to warehouses:

  • Move-a-side
  • Light/Medium duty
  • Heavy duty

Mobile shelving, also known as roller racking, is extremely popular in offices, museums and archives where every inch of storage space counts. The system can be personalised with end panels, including the option to use custom graphics and photographs, and depending on the product used, various laminate surfaces and wooden veneers are also available to give your shelving a stylish finish. Our mobile shelving also incorporates ActiveCoat anti-bacterial protection to improve hygiene.

Speak to a Whittan storage expert today to find your ideal shelving solution.

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