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Shelving Accessories

Link 51 offers a wide range of shelving accessories, designed to enhance your chosen shelving system. We have over 60 years’ experience working with a wide range of industry sectors; from central government, healthcare, education, archives, museums and emergency services, to food and drink manufacturing, automotive, engineering, industrial, warehousing, despatch, retail and e-retail.
As a result, we are continually developing new and innovative shelving accessories which are designed with first-hand knowledge of the issues that face this vast range of industries.
We also offer a range of workbenches, lockers, cupboards & Linbins.


Linbins or pick bins are the original small parts storage solution. The versatility and strength of Linbins means they are a hugely popular way to organise stock and inventory. These picking bins are available in 10 sizes, 6 colours and a recycled plastic option. Linbins are equally effective whether stacked or hung from our specially designed louvre panels.
Louvre panels are for hanging Linbins and are a highly efficient way to maximise vertical spaces for extra storage, either attached to walls, incorporated with our shelving systems or within our trolley range.

You can see our Shelving Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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