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Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Very Narrow Aisle Racking reduces the width of aisles between lanes (by up to half - compared to standard pallet storage solutions), and provides a solution for highly dense areas at heights of up-to 18m.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking makes excellent use of storage space available by maximising the height at which goods can be stacked utilising specialist ‘man-up’ or ‘man-down’ trucks designed to work efficiently in narrow aisles to access pallet positions.

Designed with efficient load handling and safety in mind, rails or wires at floor level guide trucks precisely into position, reducing the risk of accidental damage from user error and improving safety within the system whilst speeding up the operational flow. Semi-automated and automated MHE can also be operated effectively within VNA racking.

  • Makes excellent use of floor space
  • Easy, individual access to all pallets stored
  • Flexible and modular with a wide range of accessories

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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