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Radio Shuttle Racking

Improve warehouse efficiency and throughput with our semi-automated, high-density shuttle system for seamless pallet placement and retrieval.

Discover the features:
  • Pallets are loaded onto the shuttle at the front of the lane, transported to a location and placed at a predetermined distance from previous pallets before returning to the start face.
  • Optimised time and travel routes, freeing up the forklift to move on to the next task while the shuttle is storing pallets.
  • Flexibility to operate as either FIFO or LIFO, offering a highly efficient alternative to Drive-In, Push Back, or Pallet Live storage systems.
  • Powered by a lightweight 48v lithium Ion battery, shuttles operate for up to eight hours on a single charge.


Advantages of Radio Pallet Shuttle:
  • Zero damage to racks and goods during pallet placement and retrieval as forklifts never enter the structure.

  • Save on valuable space with compact storage. Lanes can exceed 150 metres in depth with minimal clearances between levels.

  • Accommodates different-sized pallets for more versatility in what you’re storing.
  • Control shuttle movements easily via a radio remote controller, releasing your forklift and driver for other tasks.
  • Easily adapted, expanding with additional racking blocks or increasing throughput with more shuttles, as your needs evolve.

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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