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Pick Towers

What is a pick tower?

Unlock cost savings and efficiency with high density pick towers. A Pick Tower or Rack Supported Structure is a tiered storage structure designed to meet three key goals: increasing picking efficiency, maximising storage capacity and a cost-effective alternative to mezzanine floors, extending warehouse space or moving to new premises.


Benefits of Picking Towers

As a high-density storage and picking solution, pick towers give you the flexibility to meet the current and future demands of the e-tail sector. Utilising building height, pick towers can add up to five additional storage levels, increasing capacity up to 300% in the same footprint, or reducing a new build by up to 75% in size.


Tailored Solutions

In environments where delivery speed and order turnaround are crucial for staying competitive, our multi-level pick towers are tailored to suit your business’s unique requirements and the characteristics of the items you store. Whether you deal with a single product line, a diverse range of goods, or thousands of SKU numbers, our pick towers are designed to optimise your operations.



Integration with Picking Systems

When it comes to increasing pick rates, our pick towers can be easily integrated with conveyor solutions and a variety of picking systems, including:


  • Conveyors – zone picking- pick to cart

  • Goods lift – totes lifts

  • Pick to tote

  • Voice picking

  • Multi-picks

  • Paperless picking


Scalability and Future-Proofing

Being completely scalable, our pick towers can be adapted to meet your future needs as your business grows. Additional services such as our expert design services are on hand to create tailored storage solutions that fit your needs.


Case study 

James & James

James & James, facing growth challenges, turned to Whittan to create a bespoke solution for their expanded facility. The task was clear: maximise storage, enhance operational efficiencies and reflect the company's spirit with a touch of colour.  Whittan delivered a four-tier pallet racking pick tower, utilising the full 15m height of the building, capable of holding 7,168 pallets.  Scalability was built-in, with future expansion provisions. What set James & James apart was their insistence on injecting personality into their warehouse, incorporating their corporate colours into the racking structure and collaborating with suppliers for consistent branding.  This partnership exemplifies how innovation and personality can come together in the realm of warehouse solutions.

Pallet racking pick towers in green, pink and turquoise

Wide aisle racking footprint and racking pick tower

Case study 

Hellerman Tyton

Hellerman Tyton with a substantial increase in sales and product range, needed a new warehouse to meet their exact needs.To meet their requirements, Whittan designed a wide aisle racking footprint for standard palletised volume products and a racking pick tower with integrated mezzanines for the bulk handling of pallets and the collation of orders. The racking within the three-floor pick tower was designed to provide 2,800 product locations and is serviced by two reverse feed-powered conveyors.  Pallet gates ensure safe working for employees involved in loading and unloading pallets onto the mezzanine floors.

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