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Pallet Live Racking Storage

Pallet Live racking (FIFO) considerably increases storage capacity, by using a ‘first-in’ ‘first-out’ basis, making it ideal for environments where stock date is important.

Pallet Live storage solutions delivers a vast amount of storage for the area used and provides automatic stock rotation with minimal use of fork lift trucks.

Pallets are loaded on to dedicated lanes of inclined gravity rollers, which are set at a fixed gradient. When a load is taken from the picking face, the next pallet rolls into position, with replenishment stock loaded at the opposite (upper) end of the lane.

Pallet movement is regulated by brakes and speed controllers fitted within the roller tracks and line load is relieved by the automatic pallet separator to allow the safe removal of the pallet load.


  • Automatic stock rotation, first in first out (FIFO)
  • Operates on gravity, requires no power
  • Separate loading and unloading aisles
  • Loads are controlled and protected by speed control rollers
  • Pallet live can be loaded and unloaded using standard MHE
  • Pallet Live storage is rated highest for numbers of pallets stored, versus floor space required.

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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