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Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile racking systems are standard adjustable pallet racking structures mounted onto electrically powered bases. This high density storage system optimises the storage area by significantly reducing the number of aisles whilst still allowing 100% direct access to all pallets.

The system is operated via a fixed control panel or remote control to open the required aisle(s). This automatically provides direct access to specific goods stored in within a chosen aisle.

Mobile bases are electrically powered and mounted onto guide and support rails to ensure accuracy and performance. A comprehensive range of safety systems and devices ensure operator safety and protect system integrity.

Advantages of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Very high utilisation of the cube
  • Computer/remote controlled with significant safety features
  • Allows access to all pallets
  • Optimised performance in temperature-controlled environments as chilling/freezing costs are reduced
  • Can be fitted with racking, shelving or cantilever options

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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