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Drive In Racking

Beneficial when storing large quantities of similar or identical goods, Drive-In Pallet Racking can free up an impressive 90% of existing floor space, surpassing the limitations of conventional pallet storage methods.


Maximise floor and storage space with Drive-In Pallet Racking

Perfect for warehouses storing large quantities of similar goods and with substantial pallet counts per SKU, the Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking System prioritises space utilisation over load selectivity.


Discover the features: 

  • Utilises both available floor and height space, significantly boosting storage capacity in comparison to traditional pallet racking systems.
  • As the simplest high-density storage system, it demands the lowest investment while delivering efficient results.
  • Tailor the depth and height of the racking to suit your storage needs and the characteristics of the goods you're handling.
  • Versatile in application, Drive in Pallet Racking gives you the choice of a single aisle (loading and unloading from the front) or dual-aisle setup (loading in the front, unloading from the back).
  • Pallet Guide Rails provide essential support within the drive-in lanes and ensure precise pallet placement, reducing the risk of falling pallets from inaccurate loading.
  • An energy-efficient choice for cold storage and freezer warehouses due to the smaller size of the system, reducing the surface area that needs to be cooled.
  • Each lane is dedicated to a single SKU, simplifying stock control and improving overall inventory management.
  • Easily accommodates pallets of varying weights and dimensions for more versatility in current and future storage needs.

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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