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Carton Live Storage

Carton Live storage or ‘flow racking’ operates on the same principle as pallet live storage, but is used for stock which needs to be hand-loaded and picked.

Inclined trays of roller tracks, set at different levels in the storage bays, allows goods to roll down dedicated lanes within the trays, from the loading area to the picking face.

Carton Live storage reduces order picking times, minimises errors and provides an excellent labour and space-efficient method of ‘first-in, first-out’ (FIFO) storage solution, particularly in areas handling and using fast moving product lines, for example; assembly, packing and despatch.



  • Ideal for fast moving product lines
  • Speed control reduces order picking times and helps minimise errors as items are presented precisely at the picking face
  • Fast and efficient roller tracks
  • Guarantees stock rotation, FIFO (first in first out).
  • Can be offered in a wide variety of pick face options to suit specific picking requirements

You can see our Pallet Racking Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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