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Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Designed to increase efficiency

Take your warehouse to new heights with a mezzanine floor. Create extra space without the need to move to larger premises.

Seamlessly integrated into a new facility or added as an expansion, warehouse mezzanine floors enable you to optimise space utilisation without the hassle and cost of relocation, allowing your logistics operations to flourish.


In today’s dynamic warehouse landscape, where space optimisation is crucial across storage, fulfilment, sortation, distribution, and reverse logistics, Whittan stands as your turnkey solution provider. We deliver high-quality structural steel platforms complemented by a comprehensive range of ancillaries, including walkways, staircases, and edge protection.





Single Mezzanine

Our expertise lies in designing single mezzanine structures that support heavy and sensitive automated logistics systems and robotic technologies. These robust platforms optimize warehouse operations, provide seamless integration with advanced machinery, and maximize storage capacity.


Multi-tier Mezzanine 

For more extensive needs, our multi-tier mezzanine structures offer even greater capacity and efficiency. Designed to support complex logistics systems and advanced robotic technologies, these multi-level platforms significantly expand usable space, streamline workflows, and enhance overall operational productivity.


Intelligent design

Our commitment to intelligent design ensures the optimum column arrangement, maximising the usable space below your mezzanine.  As automation sweeps through warehouse operations, rest assured that our mezzanine flooring systems are not just built for today but engineered to support future automated and robotic systems.


Whittan - where innovation meets space optimisation, ensuring your warehouse is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.



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