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Manufacturing & industrial - Designed to increase efficiency

The versatile solution for boosting production capacity, expanding capabilities, enhancing product storage or creating office space to meet your evolving storage needs.


A mezzanine floor isn’t just an addition—it’s a strategic move to boost productivity,accessibility and safety. Providing you with extra space without the hassle and cost of relocating, mezzanine floors enable you to expand rapidly and economically.


It creates invaluable extra floor area from wasted air space above your existing work and storage areas, economically increasing the amount of space available to you.



Designed to offer greater storage capacity across various environments, a mezzanine floor can help you:


  • Expand production lines.

  • Create more assembly workstations.

  • Provide walkways or access to machinery.

  • Create storage for components, semi-finished products or final goods.

  • Expand sortation, packing & dispatch operation areas.

  • Provide office space or rest areas.


Robust design

Our structural steel mezzanine platforms are engineered to withstand substantial and dynamic loads imposed by production and assembly equipment. In an era where manufacturing plants integrate robotic cells and heavy machinery, our design and project management teams are well-versed in the specific requirements of diverse manufacturing - ranging from food & beverage to automotive, pharmaceutical, FMCG and aerospace.

Future-proof solution 

Mezzanines aren't just solutions for today; they are designed to meet the evolving needs of your business. Fully compliant with health & safety and building regulations, our mezzanine floors offer a future-proof foundation for your manufacturing success. 


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