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Retail Wharehouse Floor

Future Proof Logistics

Built to accommodate your business as it grows, with seamless integration for automated systems.


In the ever-evolving retail world, where e-commerce has reshaped the game, traditional mezzanine floors take on a new significance. Beyond creating extra sales space or additional stockroom storage, our mezzanine solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the modern retail landscape.


It creates invaluable extra floor area from wasted air space above your existing work and storage areas, economically increasing the amount of space available to you.



E-commerce-driven retailers now require more than just space; they need large, flexible, high-density facilities that can handle labour- intensive picking and sortation. We specialise in creating bespoke mezzanine systems that maximise space, featuring a flexible layout and design that’s not just cost-effective but future-proofed. But that’s not all. Our mezzanine solutions also cater to specialised requirements, including:


  • High-Value Stock Secure Areas

  • Returns and Reverse Logistics


Integrate logistics systems

We're experts in delivering mezzanine floor solutions that support and integrate with heavy, senstive automated logistics systems and robotic technologies-whether implemented directly or in collaboration with system integrators.


The flexibility of mezzanines extends beyond mere storage, they adapt to you and your diverse storage needs.



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