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Ancillary equipment -Tailoring your mezzanine

Explore our range of ancillary equipment designed to improve the efficiency of your mezzanine workspace.


  • Decking Options

    Our decking options are as diverse as your requirements—whether it’s accommodating pallet trucks, facilitating order picking, supporting robotics, or creating office space.

  • Fire Protection

    Many levels of fire protection may be required depending on your environment and the intended usage of your mezzanine floor.






  • Safe Stairway Enclosures

    These areas must provide protection and offer a safe escape route for

    people exiting the mezzanine in the event of a fire.


  • Goods Lifts

    Available in a variety of sizes depending on the required usage and available space. A typical goods lift installation allows for large pallets or crates to be safely moved between floors.

    For your next mezzanine floor project — partner with Whittan.

Stairs and Handrails

From feature staircases and special glazed handrails to a simple access stair with standard handrails, we can advise and ensure your mezzanine not only complies with all relevant legislation but looks the part too.

Pallet and Loading Gates 

All pallet loading gates are designed to suit the load whilst giving maximum operator safety at exposed opening points on the floor edge.  They can accommodate a variety of load sizes and require minimal maintenance.


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