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Steel Lockers

Whittan is the UK’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of metal storage locker units. With personal effects lockers for sale across the whole of the UK, we can provide suitable storage solutions for numerous sectors and industries.

From healthcare and education, to the emergency services and leisure sector; we produce steel lockers for all locker needs.

Our steel lockers are a great way to provide durable personal storage of clothing, electronic devices and other items; whether it’s for NHS lockers, healthcare lockers, school lockers, staff lockers or gym lockers. We are specialists in designing metal storage locker units, to keep belongings safe and secure when you can’t be there.

Our metal lockers are available in a wide range of sizes, door configurations, locking options, colours and finishes. You needn’t worry about your metal storage lockers being too big or too small. All our metal lockers are designed specifically for their designed environments, ensuring that they’re tailored exactly for what you require.

To help you decide which of our metal lockers is right for you, look at our selection below:

Steel Lockers

Suitable for a wide range of applications. The Standard Duty Locker is 1800mm in height and is our most popular locker.

Garment Lockers

The hygienic management of workplace uniforms is now much easier thanks to our Garment Management Lockers.

School Lockers

Our Three quarter and Half Height Standard Duty lockers are extremely popular with Junior and Primary schools.

Cube Lockers

Our range of Cube, Sixto and Quarto lockers are the ideal choice for storing small items or as an addition to a locker.

Small Item Lockers

Our range of Small item lockers are ideal for the secure storage of wallets, keys, mobile phones etc.

Laptop Lockers

In addition to our standard charging lockers, we also manufacture a range of laptop charging lockers.

Police Lockers

Our range of specialist Police Lockers have been designed to meet unique storage requirements.

Staff Lockers

Staff Lockers offer additional configurations and door options to our Standard Duty Locker range.

You can see our Lockers Operation & Maintenance HERE.

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