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Smart Lockers

LinkLockers and Probe are working with the UK’s leading lock manufacturer, Lowe & Fletcher, to provide a range of smart lock solutions to streamline the use of lockers.

No keys, no fuss!

All that’s required to unlock a compartment is a simple code generated on a secure website. No need to handle keys. No need for on-site reprogramming. No need for a supervisor to be there in person. Managers can see at a glance which lockers are free and ready to be allocated to new users. The same system can manage multiple sites, simply and conveniently, all from one place.

Access code managed locks use our proven Remote Allocation System (RAS) technology to generate new user codes online. When the user enters it into their lock it immediately replaces the old code ensuring safe and secure access for new users without the added cost of a dedicated internet connection or an administrator needing to be present. Ideal for the efficient management of lockers and generating revenue, smart locks are a great investment for your business.

All of our lockers are available with ActiveCoat anti-microbial coating for hygiene.

Speak to one of our storage experts today for configured locker solutions, designed to perfectly suit your requirements.

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