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Charging Lockers

Our charging locker units provide solutions in an ever-changing world; providing secure charging facilities for a variety of valuable electrical goods. Available in a range of sizes and door configurations, our charging lockers are adapted for mobiles, laptops, tools and small items.

Our charging lockers are suitable for a variety of settings including schools, leisure facilities, offices, public areas, building site offices and hospitality industries. Need to charge whilst you’re in a meeting or out of the office; our In-Charge locker range is the perfect answer.

Certain lock options also provide the opportunity for charging lockers to become a revenue stream.

As common in schools and colleges, as they are in offices and building sites, all our charging lockers are designed to provide a safe and practical solution to storing your electrical goods.

Laptop Charging Lockers

A fast and simple plug-in solution to laptop charging for a variety of sectors. Wall or floor mounted.

Phone Charging Station Lockers

Ideal for gyms, leisure parks etc. Lockers can be rented to customers for additional revenue.

Tool Lockers

Ideal for storing power tools and other electrical items charged in factories and on building sites. Safe, secure mains charging.

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