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Whittan Group Announces CEO Transition and Exciting Plans for the Future

As Richard Moss settles into his new role as Whittan’s CEO, the Group is pleased to announce some exciting changes. With a vision to drive innovation and progress, Moss recently announced an array of plans for the coming months, including a strategic shift for our trusted brand, Apex.

With five years of dedicated service at Whittan and an impressive track record of over 25 years in the storage industry, Richard is well-positioned to lead the company into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Richard Moss brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, having played a crucial part in Whittan's success in recent years. Having spent 23 years working in the storage industry, Richard has a deep understanding of customer needs. His expertise coupled with his strategic vision and strong leadership skills, make him the ideal candidate to guide the company forward.

Talking about his new role as CEO, Richard said: “I am very proud to be taking over from Jon Templeman as CEO of the Whittan Group. Throughout the time I have been with Whittan I have seen a dramatic change in the business. We have weathered many challenges along the way and have certainly come out stronger. This is testament to Jon’s stewardship and the commitment and expertise of all our employees.”

“I really want to build on this and drive the business forward in terms continuing to improve our financial performance but also to make Whittan a great place to work for all our employees. I think we have challenges ahead but from what I can see we have achieved in the five years since I have been here, I am convinced that we can continue to rise to the challenges and be successful.”

Looking ahead, Richard Moss has outlined ambitious plans for Whittan Group. Richard explained: “We have been working on a strategic plan for the development of the Group over the next three years, identifying key areas to focus on in order to improve all parts of the business. These initiatives cover every business unit and through the second half of this financial year we will be announcing more on these important strategic developments.”

With a major focus on the communication and collaboration throughout the Group, some changes are already underway having recently rolled out an employee engagement survey using the Great Place to Work (GPTW) platform. Using this feedback, we are producing action plans to improve the business and truly make Whittan a great place to work for all.

In line with these changes, our trusted brand, Apex, will be undergoing a strategic transformation. While remaining an essential part of our product portfolio, Apex will transition to become a secondary product line within Whittan Group. Going forward, Apex will focus primarily on producing products for spares, repairs, and small-scale projects, available via master distributors. We will also serve several key account customers directly. Apex will remain an integral part of our offer for many years to come, with Link51 as our primary pallet racking offer.

We want to assure our valued customers and partners that this strategic realignment is a positive step towards innovation and progress. By optimising our product offerings, we are better equipped to meet the diverse demands of the market, deliver exceptional customer service, and drive long-term growth for our business.

Whittan Group remains committed to its core values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, empowerment and innovative solutions. We are confident that under Richard Moss's leadership, we will continue to exceed expectations and strengthen our position as the UK’s leading storage manufacturer.

Stay tuned for more updates on our product development and further innovations in the months ahead. We appreciate the continued support of our customers and partners as we embark on this transformative journey together.

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