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Probe Aluminium Lockers

Beating the British weather with our new Probe outdoor aluminium lockers

Probe has been producing high quality lockers in Britain since 1960. We continue to design, manufacture and assemble all our products in the UK, manufacturing high quality lockers you can depend on.

As a proud member of Whittan’s family of trusted brands since 2016, we are constantly working to update our product portfolio to continue offering a wide and diverse range of products. As a result, we have recently launched a brand new line of outdoor aluminium lockers to provide our customers with a strong, durable and highly weatherproof solution.

Made from marine grade aluminium, the lockers have been developed to withstand constant exposure to water and moisture, ideal for use outside with no need for additional protection from a canopy and designed to sustain the elements.

The solid grade laminate doors contain a seal which ensures that the lockers are completely waterproof whilst having a modern exterior - here at Whittan we never want our customers to compromise on aesthetics. These lockers are attractive, built to last and a great environmentally friendly alternative to the less durable plastic lockers often specified for outdoor use.

Available with the same great ActiveCoat anti-microbial coating for hygiene and highly configurable to suit your requirements, this new product offering further strengthens our extensive portfolio.

We recently put the new lockers to the test, installing them at a top-ranking university that had been dealing with insufficient plastic outdoor lockers for too long. Their existing lockers were no longer weatherproof as the seals were coming away from the locker doors and no fix was found to be suitable. Fortunately, our new aluminium lockers were the ideal solution.

Configured with sloping tops and digital wet area locks, the addition of our new lockers provided the world-class university with a safe and secure solution of the same world-class standard. Built to withstand the harsh British weather, our lockers will serve the university for many years to come.

Nic Furlong, Sales Director for Probe and LinkLockers comments: “Our new outdoor aluminium lockers are a great addition to our product offering; they offer a robust practical solution for challenging outdoor environments whilst maintaining a stylish look and feel, resulting in a professional work and leisure space. We’re really pleased that we could help the university overcome the issues with their existing lockers and provide a durable solution to meet their needs.”


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