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A smart partnership for LinkLockers and eLocker

LinkLockers has announced an exciting new partnership with eLocker, aimed at delivering cutting-edge smart locker solutions to its collective customer base. To meet the evolving demands of the modern workplace, the partnership will see the storage manufacturer supply lockers integrated with eLocker's state-of-the-art cloud-managed digital locks.

Part of the Whittan Group and with over 70 years of experience supplying storage solutions across diverse sectors, LinkLockers customers have long benefited from a legacy of reliable, innovative product solutions. Alongside other trusted Whittan brands such as Probe, Link51, Apex, Polypal UK, and Storage Direct, LinkLockers' commitment to advancing its product range, particularly in an ever-evolving digital world, makes the partnership with eLocker the logical next step for the manufacturer.

This collaboration will see the manufacturer and smart tech provider supply storage lockers equipped with internet-connected lock technology, revolutionising storage possibilities for businesses across different sectors. With a range of staff, asset management and click-and-collect locker solutions available, customers gain greater flexibility in finding storage solutions tailored to their business needs.

Designed with operational efficiency and enhanced convenience in mind, customers will also benefit from locking solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing RFID fobs and access cards, eliminating the need for multiple keys and authorisation passes, supporting the one-card policy so many corporations desire in the 21st century. Leveraging the power of eLocker’s technology platform, customers can take advantage of eLocker’s API and integrate it into their HR systems to deliver and manage digital locker solutions at scale, streamlining locker management and reducing administrative allocation duties.

Another advantage of the innovative locking systems is the two-factor authentication feature, providing an extra layer of security for accessing and retrieving vital equipment from a locker. In addition to enhancing security, the system also records transactions providing customers with total transparency to facilitate better accountability and tracking of equipment usage.

Unlike smart locks currently available on the market, where locks are connected by wires, eLocker takes smart locking to a new level. Benefitting from a wireless, cloud-based platform businesses will be provided with valuable data, offering insight into locker usage. Replacing timely administrative duties with an efficient, automated locker management system that adheres to ISO27001 standards and is GDPR compliant, changes the game for customers seeking modern locker management.

Combining LinkLockers’ decades of expertise in providing robust storage solutions with eLocker's innovative smart locking technology empowers businesses, warehouses, educational establishments, and other organisations with solutions that enhance security and streamline access control within their facilities.

Jacob Hinson, founder of eLocker, commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with LinkLockers. By combining eLocker's innovative digital locker technology and LinkLockers’ expertise in creating durable, reliable lockers, we can provide customers with a solid return on their investment and a vast improvement to the lives of locker users and managers.

Carl Bould, Managing Director for LinkLockers added: “We’re really excited to join forces with eLocker to deliver next-generation locker solutions that combine the reliability of LinkLockers with the sophistication of eLocker’s smart technology. This partnership underscores our commitment to continuously innovate and provide customers with the most secure and efficient storage solutions available."

The partnership between LinkLockers and eLocker can be seen in action at LinkLockers’ Clerkenwell, London-based showroom from April 2024.

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