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Polypal UK

A trusted Whittan brand

Polypal UK Retail Storage Solutions has been trusted by Whittan customers across the sector for over 40 years.


With a reputation built on consistently providing retailers with the best storage and display solutions to maximise ROI, they join our other trusted brands in delivering our promise of expanding capabilities with storage.


Designing, manufacturing and fitting thousands of space-saving installations means we have experience, insight and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we’re the only UK based manufacturer who can provide this full service.

So you can be confident you are in safe hands when it comes to us understanding your business and how to optimise your offering.


Since its origins as a supplier to the retail sector, Polypal has extended our capability across a wide array of retail environments including DIY, Supermarkets, Electrical and Builders Merchants, and Wholesale. We offer every one of our customers high quality equipment and support services, plus an understanding of the specific needs of their market sector.


Engineering excellence

We are able to manufacture a huge range of custom designed display units and storage solutions, from heavy duty cantilevered merchandising to slide aside shelving, braceless bays, mobile and integrated racking. It starts with our design team, who work with you to capture your objectives and goals. From there we develop concepts, prototype designs and trial products, which we can then test to assess sales impact.

Continuous innovation

As our customers’ demands evolve, so does our product offering; adapting to meet the changing landscape of retail. A highly proactive approach to developing and sustaining long term relationships means we are always researching and continually improving our products and services to solve the challenges our customers face.

Collaborative approach

We routinely manage complex projects and because we really get to know our customers, their business interests are our business interests. Installations can cause disruptions, but we work hand-in-hand with local management and use our experience to minimise that interruption and maximise return on investment, with learning outcomes taken forward to all future projects.

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