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Polypal Europe

A trusted Whittan brand

Polypal offers racking, shelving, locker and mezzanine solutions for retail environments across Europe.


With a production plant and five commercial offices in Spain and subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Polypal allows Whittan to offer the same outstanding service to our customers in Europe.

Polypal provides integral solutions in project design, manufacturing, assembly and post-sale in sectors such as logistics, health, education, automotive, retail, food, industry, etc.

A wide range of racking and shelving

With Polypal racking or shelving you can store any existing product on the market, whether palletized, in boxes or other types of containers.


  • Pallet racking
  • Longspan shelving
  • Light duty shelving
  • Cantilever shelving
  • Multi-tier
  • Clad rack warehouse
  • Automated warehouses

Expand your warehouse with mezzanines

Polypal mezzanines are the perfect solution to expand the warehouse space or factory without the need to carry out construction.

Keep belongings safe with secure lockers

Polypal lockers are designed to be used in different environments and sectors, this guarantees that there is a locker for every need.

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Our Polypal Europe range

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To find out more about our industry leading products, call +44 1952 68 22 51 or visit the Polypal Europe website here.

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