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Warehouse Picking Efficiency

Choosing the right warehouse storage for improved picking efficiency

When we talk about warehouse picking efficiency, to the uninitiated, it can feel like the conversation should be about how to get people or robots to pick faster. But that’s only part of the story. Instead, optimising picking efficiency should take a holistic approach. This involves adopting a comprehensive process, including the correct design of a racking or shelving solution, to streamline the process. Goods can then be delivered on time and you keep your customers happy.

It's simple economics – the more goods that can be stored, picked, packed and despatched in the shortest time possible, the greater the sales volume potential. However, if the shelving isn’t appropriate, the stock is hard to access (especially smaller items), or there isn’t an efficient inventory system then it will inevitably create delays.


Optimise the picking process

So how do you go about this? A large part of improving your picking is all about designing an efficient warehouse. An optimised space = greater productivity.

First, you need to know your inventory. Which items are frequently bought together? Grouping them nearby saves staff walking from one side of the warehouse to another to fulfil frequently occurring orders. Consider keeping any large and bulky items that need a forklift as close to the exit as possible, not only to reduce the time between pick and despatch, but to reduce the risk of accidents in transit.

Next you need to think about the throughput of stock. How are the goods being handled? How are your employees moving through the warehouse? Can you make changes to the picking methodology to gain efficiencies and create a safer environment?

Finally, give careful thought to the future requirements of your business. The type of goods you stock will probably change not only in terms of their size but also their weight. Your storage solution must meet these demands. It’s worth noting that changing the load bearing of your racking or shelving can impact the structural stability of your equipment making it unfit and unsafe for its intended use.

Don’t worry if this sounds daunting. At Whittan we design storage solutions every day, and with over 70 years’ experience, we have developed a level of expertise for you to draw on. We can help you design the ideal storage solution free of charge, along with detailed quotations. We let you see the quality of the storage solution design we are capable of offering, before letting you decide the best route to creating your perfect storage system.


Choosing your storage equipment

Look at the space you are working with. Every warehouse has limitations, but by making sure you maximise every opportunity you can expand your storage capabilities and improve the flow of goods.

Our extensive range of standard, narrow aisle and drive-in pallet racking is custom-designed in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. While our dynamic storage solutions, which include Pallet Live, Carton Live and Push-Back Racking can save up to 50% space and reduce travel distances by up to 80% to meet your specific requirements.

You might also consider one of our shelving options which have been designed to meet different load capacities and work in even the smallest of spaces. Finally, if the height is available why not choose a multi-tier system which will maximise the storage capacity of your building.


It's all in the small details

To optimise your order picking process and extend the lifespan of the storage equipment, consider the adaptability of your system. We provide a wide range of pallet racking accessories, designed to help you get more from your storage set-up and tailor your system to your specification including pull out shelves, small parts storage and drawer units.

This includes our LinBins, a range of highly adaptable plastic containers available in a range of colours that are ideal for the warehouse environment. Designed to bring order to even the smallest of storage parts these are not only great for shelving and racking, but they can also be attached to free-standing, fixed or even mobile louvres.  With sizes ranging from 75mm to 295mm in height and 105mm to 420mm in width it is possible to store any number of small items from screws, springs, nuts and bolts and even tools. Components can be stored neatly, securely and logically for fast, easy stock rotation – incredibly important when despatching or checking stock for re-order.


Ask the experts

Whatever the nature of your business, we at Whittan have the right storage solutions to help transform your business efficiency, boost your productivity, ensure a safe workplace and help keep your customers coming back to you. If you’d like to find out how we can help your business, then get in contact today for a free consultation. Call 01952 682251, email or speak to one of our experts via live chat.

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