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Storage Solutions for 3PL Logistics

Integrated Multi-tier Storage Solutions for 3PL Logistics

Our industries run on well-organised warehousing, storage and fulfilment facilities. These, in turn, rely on maximising floor space utilisation and creating a safe and high-performing environment which fits seamlessly into overall processes and workflows.

Everyone wants a facility that operates like clockwork- especially in sectors involving logistics and related industries such as retail and fashion. Last year, such facilities were tested to the hilt. As the sectors adjusted operations to the fluctuating demands imposed by the pandemic, changing consumer behaviours and the rise in ecommerce, they expected their storage systems to be completely flexible and re-usable in new configurations. 

Expanding Capabilities With Storage

Well, that was certainly not a problem for Whittan. As the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of steel storage systems incorporating the market-leading pallet racking brands: Link51, Apex and Polypal UK, we expand capabilities with storage. Our comprehensive range of products and solutions continue to meet the demand for rigorous and effective storage management for all types of industries.

We recently worked with International Logistics Group (ILG), part of Yusen Logistics UK and one of the UK's leading global delivery and outsourced fulfilment companies. They are specialists in outsourced order fulfilment, providing high-quality warehousing, rework, and packaging services to prestige brands in the Fashion, Beauty and Wellbeing sectors.

ILG came to us in need of storage for a new warehouse facility in Northampton to manage some of their prestigious clients with first-class carrier collection times. The warehouse would serve as an outsourced fulfilment centre for sensitive high-end fashion and beauty products being delivered to large retailers and direct consumers around the world.

The operation required pristine facilities with efficient robust systems and meticulous quality control. The installation required a combination of new pallet racking, carton storage, roller push back lanes, shelving bays, work benches, bollards, column guards and a single level mezzanine floor. ILG also asked us to reconfigure five double and single runs of existing pallet racking which were already in situ.

You can see a timelapse of the project coming to life below:


For ILG, this achieved all their project goals. Darren Cobby, Implementation Manager at ILG comments: “We’re incredibly happy with the job that’s been done. Thanks to Whittan, we can now offer better collection times, can better keep up with customer demand and even have the opportunity for automation in the warehouse in the future.

“Being in the middle of a global pandemic, of course there were some issues along the way. Despite this, the project has been delivered on target and incredibly smoothly. We’ve especially been really pleased with how efficiently and safely the guys worked on site.”

For us, this was another storage solution delivered to our exacting Whittan standard.

We have full confidence in the excellent quality of our UK-based manufacturing, our solutions and our experienced teams, so let us bring the power of storage to your business.

Let us bring the power of storage to your business and contact us by filling in the form below. We can also work with you on any larger projects you may be planning - call us now on 01952 682251 or use our live chat to speak to one of our experts.

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