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Storage for the Automotive Industry

Completely Flexible, cost-effective and re-usable


Parts for the automotive industry do not come in standard-sized boxes - they have variable shapes and sizes, all of which present a challenge to store and retrieve safely and on time. Their storage requirements are similarly multi-functional to cover the broad range of parts typically stored by a production, parts or service business.   

From dealerships and workshops to production lines and motor factories, the requirement for available stock which is securely stored and quickly and safely accessible is critical. Each automotive business or service department has its own layout that presents specific considerations when planning effective storage and stock management. In an industry under pressure to have parts available as and when needed, having flexible and well laid-out storage solutions can make or break such operations.

Whittan’s Link51 Storage Systems are extremely versatile - you will be able to choose from a huge range of standard products that can be extensively configured to ensure all requirements of the sector are met. The solution can be designed around any layout, without tying up valuable operational space. As a business, you can plan and organise your business and storage around your workspace, adopting a tailor-made storage solution that accommodates flexible stock holding, easy part location, tracking and picking.

Our UK-manufactured and designed solutions are perfectly suited for vehicle parts in any size, shape or weight.  The storage systems can also accommodate all aspects of tool storage and special requirements for staff.  Ultimately, we can expand the capabilities of your space to help maximise the potential of your business.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel shelving and pallet racking, Whittan is proud to support the automotive industry. Our Link51 products are produced across three UK sites where we are dedicated to designing and installing innovative steel storage systems to suit the needs of diverse customers and market sectors such as automotive. We have an extensive UK-wide network where our experts are on hand to help with queries and handle simple to full turnkey environmentally-efficient installations.

Let us bring the power of storage to your business and contact us by filling in the form below. We can also work with you on any larger projects you may be planning - call us now on 01952 682251 or use our live chat to speak to one of our experts.

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