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Shelving In Prisons

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Working with a fixed space and wondering how to make use of every inch? It can be difficult to really maximise the capabilities of your space when there are limitations on what you have to work with. But we have solutions!


Prisons are a great example of a fixed space that requires every single inch of space to be used in the smartest possible way. They have long faced overcrowding with data from the Government’s UK Prison Population Statistics showing that the number of inmates has doubled in the last 30 years. With limitations on increasing the footprint of the building it is inevitable that the spaces within these facilities are under increasing pressure.

A growing number of inmates results in a vast number of personal possessions and paperwork to store. On top of this there are resources and supplies which staff need to access on a daily basis, recreational and educational supplies to support inmates and of course, protective gear must be accessible quickly in an emergency.

Yet with only a fixed space to work with and a such a wide variety of requirements to store, finding the right storage solution can be difficult.


Flexibility in prison storage

Fortunately, we love a challenge here at Whittan. We are the experts in maximising space and have a range of options to cover all your requirements.

We offer an extensive range of versatile storage solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our range of shelving solutions offer improved ease-of-use and accessibility. The modular nature of our shelving, with interchangeable frame types, shelves and accessories, means they can be easily adapted or added to as future storage requirements change.

Your chosen shelving systems can also combine with our wide range of accessories to easily store and access items of almost any shape and size. Dividers allow for different sized products to be placed next to each other on the shelf. We also have our Linbins pick bins, available in 10 different sizes, which are ideal for storing smaller items and are a hugely popular way to organise stock and inventory.


A mobile storage space

When it comes to a fixed space, a flexible solution can provide the extra storage capacity needed without increasing the footprint. Our Mobile Shelving systems are designed to do just that. The units move along floor tracks removing the need for a permanent aisle between the stacks. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified, and aisle created by moving the mobile unit apart. This will keep floor spaces clear, enabling you to create an additional 70% in storage space when compared to a fixed shelving unit.

Even when fully loaded with documents, the rolling mechanism makes light work of moving the shelves. The units run over tracks on the floor that ensure the mobile base always runs true and level. A safety lock prevents accidents by stopping users from accidentally closing an aisle already in use.

For sensitive documents there is also the option for a security lock - only those people with the right clearance can access the materials stored inside.


Choosing a supplier for specialist prison storage

Here at Whittan, we know the complexities of working within restricted fixed spaces and we know how to expand the capabilities of those spaces. Our skilled and experienced UK-based design and manufacturing team are never far away, so you’ll have the support of our site survey, project management and installation staff on your doorstep.


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