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Racking Inspection Checklist

Your racking is in place. Everything is working smoothly, and it has enabled you to store more stock while increasing warehouse efficiencies. Job done!

Not quite. To maximise your racking longevity and keep employees safe, you need to adopt a circular approach to your racking. First, make sure your system has been correctly manufactured, designed and installed. Then train your staff on how to correctly use the equipment. The final step, and probably the most important one, is to ensure your equipment remains in good working order. That’s where annual inspections come in.

Here are the five most asked questions we get about racking inspections.

  1. Does my racking need inspecting?
    Yes, and there’s more to it than you realise.

    Every day your employees should be keeping an eye on the racking and immediately reporting any problems they see. Then, once a week a trained member of your team should perform a visual check. Their role is to ensure staff correctly use the equipment, identify any missing or damaged components and whether load notice guidance is being followed.

    If you need help in getting your staff ‘inspection’ ready, get in touch. We can arrange training that will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need for both daily and weekly inspections.

    Now for the big one, every year you need to have an expert inspection. Only a professionally qualified inspector can perform the task, such as one of our SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARI) – more on this later.

  2. Is it a legal requirement to get my racking inspected?
    No, but you should be aware that your racking is classed as work equipment. Under PUWER (Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) you have a responsibility to ensure it is in good working order. That means providing adequate training to anyone using the equipment, implementing regular inspections, and maintaining it correctly.

    The HSE have issued best practice guidance in HSG76 and recommend that ‘a technically competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months.’ It is not a legal requirement to do so but adhering to their advice is normally enough to comply with the law. 

  3. What should I expect from my racking inspection?
    Be aware that there are different inspections available. A damage-only inspection will provide you with a list of damaged items and their location. However, to provide clarity for business owners we always recommend an inspection by a SARI. This inspection will go into more depth by examining the racking and reporting on its suitability for the job, compatibility of the equipment, rack configuration and use of load notices. To help you plan future work, it classifies damage using a traffic light system that indicates the action required and over what timescale.

    A red notification indicates an area with a high level of damage that needs offloading immediately and putting out of use. If the damage is severe but does not need immediate offloading, it is an amber notification. As you remove stock, do not refill until you complete the repair work. If repairs are not complete within four weeks, it automatically becomes a red-risk area. Green indicates areas where damage falls within SEMA limits.

  4. What will I get from a racking inspection from Whittan?
    At Whittan, our designated After Sales department supports customers to provide an all-round service. We will always send out a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector for your inspection.

    Run by SEMA, the initiative provides a clear benchmark for the industry. It indicates the inspector is working to the latest industry standards. To obtain their professional qualification, a SARI must successfully pass an intensive three-day training course, completion of both a written examination and practical assessment and commit to ongoing Continued Professional Development (CPD).

  5. I didn’t get my racking from Whittan, will you inspect it?
    Yes, our SARI inspectors can inspect any pallet racking type regardless of the manufacturer. We can also offer mobile shelving inspections and maintenance. Last year, our team and network of product experts conducted almost 650 inspections for some of the biggest names in the logistics industry.

    Plus, if your inspection indicates a problem with your racking, we have an experienced repair team ready to complete any remedial work on pallet racking and shelving.

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Need help planning your inspection programme? Do you need employee training to help your staff work safely around your racking? Get in touch with Whittan and see how our After Sales experts can help. We offer a range of inspection packages, training and repairs to suit your business requirements.

“The importance of rack maintenance cannot be overstated. Our After Sales team strive to deliver the very best service, from inspections to training to repairs, ensuring that you get the most out of your racking installation.  And we work with some big names including TJ Morris, Wincanton and many healthcare businesses, both NHS and private" Nick Boycott, Head of After Sales

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