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Network Rail

Don’t go off the rails!

With 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts, thousands of signals, level crossings and stations and 20 of the UK’s largest stations, Network Rail has a big task in providing a safe and efficient railway for their customers.

Finding the right storage system in the rail industry can be problematic, after all there are a large and diverse inventory of items and components required to ensure that Network Rail can do their jobs to the highest standard. Whether it’s a storage option for PPE equipment, drums and reels of cable, or smaller items like bearings, the list is seemingly endless.

Get it right and everything will stay on track.


Just the Ticket

Luckily, we love a challenge here at Whittan and we have a wealth of experience working with Network Rail. For over 70 years we have provided storage solutions to regional depots and National Distribution Centres that help the rail industry repair, renew, refurbish and maintain their infrastructure.

So, whatever the weight or size of your items, here is a whistle stop tour of how we can find the right storage solution to meet your demands.


First-class Storage at Hereford

One example of our work is at Network Rail’s facility in Hereford. Whittan was tasked with providing a bespoke storage solution to the depot’s eight stores. Working to a footprint of 42m x 12m the complete layout needed to provide storage for a vast range of items including signalling, batteries, welding equipment and stocking points.

Following an initial survey, the solution used a combination of Link51 Longpsan Shelving for the depots heaviest items and Euro Shelving for hand tools and lighter items.

Longspan uses a beam system which fastens securely onto uprights to provide wide aperture bays and can also be designed as a multi-tier system. Euro shelving has a range of frames and shelves to suit almost any design. Both modular shelving systems offer a flexible bay construction with a range of accessories to maximise their storage capabilities. At Hereford, the Euro shelving incorporated wire mesh cladding and fully adjustable shelves, each pierced for dividers as required.

If you’re looking for extra security, hinged doors can be added to the Longspan and Euro shelving systems. We can also offer dispensing within our shelving bays for small cable reels – this is especially useful within maintenance departments.


Going the Extra Mile

Our solutions don’t stop at shelving. At Hereford, Whittan also installed a number of heavy-duty workstations, complete with worktop covers and three cages, which are galvanised for external use, for the storage of gas bottles.

Pallet Racking provides the perfect solution for bulk storage of coils and uses coil cradles to protect the reels whilst allowing full access for picking. If you need to increase the footprint of your storage space you might want to consider a mezzanine floor which utilises available headroom to economically increase the amount of the space available to you. It can be as small or as large as you like and incorporate standard or special staircases, lifts or access gates, handrails or partitioning barriers, wood or steel decking, be totally encased and fitted with lighting and sprinklers.


So why choose Whittan?

We offer a free of charge, no obligation design and space plan service. This includes attending your site to review your current storage and storage media, before measuring and planning out your new area.

Our products are manufactured right here in Britain. This means you’ll benefit from continuity of supply, quick access to stock and the pride in supporting a British company.

Want to know more? Our experts are on hand to help. Call 01952 682251 or email for a free consultation.

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