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Lockers for Leisure

How to choose lockers for your gym

If you’re in the leisure industry and about to set up a new centre, or you’re refurbishing an existing one, no doubt you’ll have spent a lot of time planning your space and considering the facilities you’re going to offer your customers.

But how much thought have you given to your changing and locker rooms?

Lockers perform an essential role, and many factors will determine which solution is right for your needs. Here’s what you should consider.


How will your lockers be used?

It’s pointless giving people a small locker if they need to store a lot of things – in fact, it can be a major source of complaint.

Consider, for example, a gym and pool, where people may want to bring more than one set of exercise clothes. A family changing area where parents and kids come from school to do a variety of activities - that’s a lot of stuff to bring and store, possibly including wet items. Or a busy executive on their way to work, who needs their suit to be ready for the day ahead. A poorly configured locker just isn’t going to cut it.


How many lockers will fit into your space?

Adaptability and design are key here. With the correct choice of combinations, you’ll be amazed at just how many lockers will fit - even in the most difficult of corners.

Our design team can help maximise your space using our wide range of fully customisable locker solutions. Whether you need full height lockers for hanging garments, half height for storing bags or even cube lockers that fit into the smallest gaps. You can also customise some lockers with anything from one door to six door configurations. There are even options for integrated bench seating.


Where will your lockers go?

The thing about leisure facilities is that there is often moisture. Dirty, sweaty clothes straight out the gym, damp towels after a shower or maybe wet costumes after a swim. You need a solution that can deal with this environment.

Aluminium or plastic lockers are not prone to rusting and can easily meet the demands of wet changing areas while offering longevity. Meanwhile, in dry areas, metal structures are an incredibly cost effective and robust solution that can easily meet the rigors of daily use.


Security and Safety

It may seem obvious but the primary aim for a locker is to keep items secure. We have a wide range of different lock options to suit your purposes. For maximum security a padlock is the best option but possibly not the most convenient. In this case we would recommend a keyless lock option such as our token or coin lock. Or maybe choose our combination lock which is ideal for temporary lockers with multiple users.

Don’t forget about keeping your customers safe – the last thing you need is an accident at work! Injuries can occur from lockers tipping over and you must follow the correct product installation process. Our experienced installation teams will make sure your lockers are fitted responsibly to meet safety requirements.


Don’t forget aesthetics

Lockers shouldn’t be boring! You have created this beautifully branded; colour co-ordinated fitness space and your lockers can be designed to integrate effortlessly into the scheme. If you’re looking to create a personal storage solution that perfectly dovetails into your brand colours, then our lockers come in a range of options.

We have hundreds of colours and wood laminate options available in either solid grade laminate, satin finish lockers or aluminium lockers with laminate door options. This bespoke approach doesn’t finish on the outside – inside each locker, a wide range of internal fixings can be configured to suit the needs of your customers.  Optional number plates can also be recessed into the doors.


Locker design made easy

With so many styles, configurations, and colours; choosing the right solution can seem daunting.  When choosing your locker consider the quality and longevity of the products. At LinkLockers we have been developing our lockers for over 70 years and maintaining high standards is key. You can be safe in the knowledge that they conform to the requirements of the British Standard for Clothes Lockers BS 4680: 1996 ‘Standard Duty’.

Plus, we know that time is money, and we can help minimise any disruption to your business. Our lockers are manufactured in the UK making us ideally placed to keep in touch with you and respond directly and quickly to your needs.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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