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Inhouse Storage Done Right

Remaining profitable has become a challenging task for many SMEs. Increasing energy, fuel and material costs combined with rising inflation and interest rates have hit hard. When combined with stocks delays caused by the pandemic it is easy to see why many businesses are now considering bringing their storage in-house.

Avoiding delays in sourcing materials and reducing overheads will quickly deliver a return of investment on the initial outlay and provide you with ongoing, long-term costs savings.

Get the Correct Storage

Even when working with an incredibly tight space you’d be surprised at the available opportunities to maximise the footprint of your building. To plan your storage, you need to consider the following.

  1. What am I storing?
    Whatever your needs it is likely your storage will have to cater for a wide range of products in differing weights and sizes. Potentially they may even be awkward in shape!

    To keep your business running safely and profitably your shelving must be up to its intended job. Understanding what you are storing and how goods will be accessed will determine the correct choice of storage.
  2. How do I create an efficient system that keeps my business running profitably?
    Getting the design correct is key here. Maximising your available space and using the correct system and design of your storage will improve efficiency and raise productivity levels. However, you can optimise margins and reduce pick times by organising your storage around the flow of products by storing items that move fastest in key locations.
  3. What is my available space and how can I maximise my storage?
    No matter what space or budget you’re working to, our easy to assemble shelving and racking comes in a variety of sizes and depths to create a scalable solution for every environment.

    If you’re just getting started with your racking, our Storage Direct website is a good place to start with an extensive range of storage solutions for smaller businesses. We offer our Apex Starter Kit comprising of two bays of racking, floor fixings and shims. Our cost-effective Stockrax shelving is another great solution, being easily accessible from any side and configurable to optimise even the most complex of spaces.

    If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty or for bulky or unusual shaped items, you may need our Longspan product which provides a high density storage solution where space is at a premium.

    If going up is an option you might consider our Euro Shelving. Ideal for heavy-duty storage it can be utilised to create a few simple shelving bays all the way through to a multi-tier structure that maximises wasted space at height.

    Mobile Shelving is the ultimate space saving solution. The units move along floor tracks removing the need for a permanent aisle between the stacks. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified and an aisle created by moving units apart. This can create an additional 70% in storage space compared to a fixed shelving unit.
  4. What happens if I need more storage in the future?
    Adaptability is the key here. The modular design of our shelving allows installations to be easily extended. For example, our Stormor shelving offers a variety of interchangeable frame types and shelves and can be open or closed-framed. This configurable solution offers our widest choice of accessories that can be designed to suit your needs.

    You can configure your storage using Whittan’s wide range of accessories that can be utilised to maximise your shelving. Small or loose parts can be stored using shelf bin fronts, pick bins or shelf dividers. Adjustable handing rails, spigots and louvre panels can hang a variety of items including tools, garments or merchandise. Lockable cupboards can be used where additional security is required or you can even adapt your shelving to store important documents.
  5. How can I maximise my Budget?
    Of course as a small business you want to maximise the cost of your outlay. As a Full Manufacturing Member of SEMA we can guarantee that our products are independently tested which means they have been designed, manufactured and installed to the highest industry standards. This ensures your system will live up to its intended purpose and, when combined with a rigorous inspection routine, will offer longevity of product.

Why Choose Whittan?

Unsure where to start? Whittan offers a full turnkey solution that will guide you through the design, supply and installation of your storage solution that meets the needs of your business. Plus, as British manufacturers you won’t get affected by supply chain issues! Looking for a simple yet smart solution for your small business? Our one stop shop, Storage Direct, offers over 2000 products available to buy online.

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