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Emergency Services Day

Whittan – Proud to support the emergency services on 999 Day


The 9th September may not be a date that rings any bells in your mind, but it should be. That’s because in the UK the date has been named as Emergency Services Day (also known as ‘999 Day’). The 9th September has been established to ensure we take a moment to be thankful for the hard work that our dedicated Emergency Services teams play in keeping us safe. Something we should be incredibly grateful for considering the intense few years they have experienced.

Whittan has supported the UK emergency services through many decades (over 70 years, in fact) and we are proud to have played a small role in helping them to make their jobs that little bit easier.


A wide range of support

Working in the emergency services can often be a busy and hectic place. For this reason, Whittan wants to make your new storage one less thing to worry about. We offer a full turnkey service that manages the entire process from the design and supply through to project management and finally installation of your storage solution. Everything is supported by our after sales service to keep your storage system performing as it should.

With over 70 years’ experience in the industry, we also know a thing about providing solutions for complex projects that will organise your storage and make everything easier to find. After all, in an emergency one of the most vital things is to make sure that products and supplies are easy to locate!

Through our range of systems, we have worked closely with the UK’s fire, police and health services to find solutions that provide the solution. Whether you need to create a solution that will maximise your storage (in even the smallest of spaces), create an efficient working environment or securely storage confidential patient records, we have done it all!


All Locked Up

Our range of lockers are designed to your exact requirements. Whether you need to hold personal belongings, small items such as mobile phones or workplace clothing or equipment, we even provide secure charging units for keeping radio communication devices ready for when they are needed!

West Yorkshire Police needed such a solution when they asked Whittan to create individual lockers their 460 offices. They asked us to create a suite of heavy duty lockers that would support the storage of their personal items and equipment necessary for the job such as stab vests and riot helmets. The solution also incorporates fitted mesh cages, which sit directly underneath full height lockers. The bespoke units were designed to meet the exact dimensions of personal issue equipment specified by the Home Office. Finally, wooden bench seating was installed to compliment the locker installation and deliver a comfortable changing environment.


All in Order

When storing essential items and products, the first priority is to make sure everything is stored in an ordered manner making it easy to find. With limited storage space and the constant need for fast access to vital consumables, equipment and records, storage has a vital role to play in the day to day running of any busy hospital, fire station or police station.

Our range of shelving, lockable cupboards, plastic drawers and small parts solutions offer infinite configurations to meet your exact requirements. This starts with a simple shelving run to store stock to a more complex design that incorporates dividers for an efficient materials management system and even heavy-duty shelving when storing large or bulky items such as linen.

We even provide specialist storage for the safekeeping of CS gas cannisters and lockable cupboards for hazardous items.


Paperwork Never Ends

Every job in the emergency services inevitably involves paperwork which can be easily sorted through our range of shelving. If you need to store records, evidence boxes, or equipment our high density mobile shelving delivers excellent accessibility, whilst also maximising your available floor space.

Gloucestershire Royal and East Gloucestershire NHS Trust were facing such a problem. Their existing storage solution, which was split across two sites, had become outdated and could no longer store the growing number of medical records that needed to be kept safe and secure.

Whittan designed two bespoke systems which would work within two very different locations. The document storage at Gloucester Hospital is located in a temporary, pre-fabricated building which needed strengthening work undertaken on the floor before installation of the storage solutions could take place. At Cheltenham Hospital the records facility is based off-site in a Grade II former Victorian swimming baths which featured important architectural elements that Whittan would have to work around. In total, 8,850 linear metres of new static and mobile shelving was installed at both sites which has significantly increase storage capacity for the Trust.


Learn more about Emergency Services Day

Whatever you’re doing on September the 9th, take a moment to join with Whittan to reflect on all the great work our emergency services do for us. A simple gesture that can mean so much. You can learn more about the work done on National Emergency Services Day here, discover more about the work they do and learn about volunteering opportunities too.

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