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If you’re an e-tailer, last year’s changes to export duties and the recent rise in interest rates mean that making a profit is becoming more challenging than ever. One way to manage those pressures is to make every cubic metre of your storage space count.

Storing, selling and dispatching goods to local and global consumers is frequently a numbers game that depends on high volumes and small profit margins. Competition from value sellers in markets like China and the Far East put added pressure on sellers to ensure that every stage of their e-tailing process, including their storage and dispatch facilities, are as efficient as possible.

From home-based businesses to large drop-shipping sellers, e-tailing has grown considerably over recent years. Thanks to the advancement of online selling portals, and people looking for new and novel ways to make money in a post-pandemic world, new opportunities have opened up for many businesses.

E-tailers need to have storage that makes products easy to access, creates an organised inventory system and maximises the available space. Choosing the right storage is key to operating in the most efficient manner.


Storage and racking for every requirement

Whittan understands that no two e-tailers are the same and caters to a variety of storage and shelving requirements. For over 70 years we have been delivering innovative, scalable storage to meet a variety of needs to customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our solutions can help even the smallest of businesses to realise their biggest ambitions.

The Stockrax system is a quick and easily assembled boltless solution ideal for standard or heavy-duty hand-picked loads and garment hanging. Easily accessed from any side, Stockrax can be configured to optimise even the most complex of spaces and is available in a variety of colours.

Stormor is a versatile, modular system that can grow alongside your e-tailing business. With a variety of interchangeable frame types and shelves, this configurable solution can be designed in an open or closed-framed design. As a configurable solution Stormor shelving offers more than storage capacity and offers a wide range of accessories.

Euro Shelving is ideal for those needing heavy-duty storage and organisation. Easy to assemble and adjust it is available in a variety of sizes and depths from a few simple shelving bays to multi-tier structures. Euro Shelving offers a great choice for both traditional and online retailers, thanks to its customisable nature and full range of supporting accessories. Meanwhile, Longspan is the perfect choice for e-tailers looking to store heavy, bulky and unusual shaped items that are manually loaded. Where there is a need for efficient, hard-wearing storage, Longspan provides a high density storage solution where space is at a premium.


Accessories, for storage that works for you

Whatever the nature of your e-tailing business, Whittan has a wide range of accessories to fully configure your storage solution.

Document storage is sorted with a choice of pull out filing cradles, shelf dividers or pull-out reference shelves and suspension file cradles to suit every requirement.

When it comes to order picking and small parts storage we have shelf bin fronts, pick bins or you can use shelf dividers to create storage compartments for loose items. Other options include garment rails for clothes or lockable cupboard doors where additional security is required.

Your storage can be configured for future growth and expansion, to fully maximise all available space – crucial for optimising margins and reducing the time spent order picking.


Design Expertise

Unsure where to start? Trust Whittan’s full turnkey service! We will guide you through every stage from designing and supplying a bespoke and integrated solution that meets the needs of your business. If needed, we can also install your storage solution using our own installation teams.

Whittan work to strict international quality standards, and all our shelving comes with an antimicrobial protective coating, to provide an extra layer of hygiene, giving all our customers additional peace of mind in a post-pandemic world.

Nick Thompson, National Sales Manager at Whittan says: “At Whittan, we have worked with leading retailers across the UK helping them to meet the requirements and face the challenges common to this industry. Our expertise will help you create the perfect storage solution that will maximise opportunities for your business. Of course, retail is a fast-moving sector and when designing your storage, we always make sure that we accommodate any potential growth, seasonal holding or expansion in product offer you may have in mind!”

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