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Choosing the Correct School Lockers for Your Space

It’s almost the end of the school year! Now’s the time to reflect on another successful year – you’ve passed Ofsted, school trips ran without a hitch and students came out of their exams confident. What more could you ask for?

Before you completely switch off for the summer, now might be the perfect time to start thinking about whether you need any work on your school. After all, with the summer holidays here, it’s the ideal time to get the contractors in without causing any disruption to the school day.

One area you might want to look at is your lockers. Gone are the days when lockers were simply for keeping students’ belongings away from corridor floors and there are now a whole host of solutions available that will solve lots of different problems (some you might not even have considered).

If your school lockers aren’t doing the job anymore, maybe it’s time for a change. We’ll explain where you might need a locker and which solution is the best fit.

The school corridor

With so many pupils and staff moving around, schools are busy environments. Keeping floor spaces and corridors clear is essential for remaining compliant with H&S and fire regulations. On top of that, storing items in a locker helps to make the school look tidy and presentable. No more wasting teaching time cleaning up communal areas or missed lesson time locating lost items!

With the repeated locker door slamming that goes on, you need something tough. This is where our steel LinkLockers can help, they are incredibly robust, hard-wearing and versatile. They are available in a wide range of sizes and modular in design which means we can create a bespoke solution that will fit into almost any space. Our 2 and 3-door options are perfect for all those large school bags and you ca also choose from solid or perforated door options (ideal for ventilation).


If your teachers need peace of mind while in the classroom, our smaller range of LinkLockers might be the perfect solution. Our full-size LinkLockers in 5, 6 or 8-door options are ideal for storing a lunchbox or handbag. If you’re struggling for space in your staffroom, we can also help. Our three-quarter height lockers, or smaller Quarto and Sixto options can work together to fill any awkward space. We can even design them to go over doorways or beneath seating areas.

If you fancy bringing a touch of glamour to your staffroom (or school corridor) you might want to consider our laminate door lockers. Not quite as flexible as our other lockers, these full-height solutions are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-door configurations. We can also manufacture them in hundreds of colours so that you can match your school colours.

Disruption-free classrooms

The increasing presence of mobile phones presents a challenge for schools. New guidelines from the UK government now enable headteachers to take decisive actions to reduce disruption in the classroom by prohibiting mobile phone use throughout the day. This proactive approach creates an environment where students can learn, free from the distraction of mobile devices.

Our mobile phone lockers, help schools navigate the problem of keeping electronic devices safe and out of the classroom. The lockers are made from a robust polycarbonate door and secure by a key which is only held by authorised personnel. You also have the option to choose from charging or non-charging versions.

School playground lockers

Playground lockers are becoming a big trend in schools. Keeping the floors free of bags and coats will reduce trip hazards and avoid accidents but the lockers will also keep students’ belongings safe. The problem is most steel lockers simply can’t live up to the extremes of living outdoors and will quickly rust.

This is where plastic lockers can help. Made from robust polyethylene, our plastic lockers are long-lasting and rust-proof so that they can thrive in even the toughest conditions.

Changing room lockers

Has your school got changing rooms? The problem is, with all those students using the facilities, the area can build up with a lot of moisture (it’s from all that sweat). That’s before you even take into account any showers you might have in the changing rooms. One thing we do know is that traditional steel lockers are not good with that much water in the air!

That’s why investing in quality, rust-proof lockers is a sound and solid investment. Plastic lockers work perfectly for this type of space or, for something a little smarter, you might want to try our Aluminium lockers.

Laptop storage

You cannot avoid the benefits that computers bring to the learning environment. They are useful tools which allow students to explore the world around them. To enhance school flexibility, laptops provide the perfect solutions. After all, they can easily be moved from classroom to classroom and removed when not needed. But here lies the problem, how do you keep all those laptops safe when not in use or at the end of the school day.

Our laptop lockers are divided into 15 sections and each one is fitted with chargers so that you can keep the devices safe and make sure they’re ready to use at lesson time. Plus, for additional security, you can choose a single-door option which allows access to all compartments at once but only needs one key.

It’s all in the details

Gone are the days of boring, grey lockers. We can supply our LinkLockers in a range of standard colours to suit your school logo. There is even the option to choose bespoke colours on some models.

Of course, there’s no point in a locker, if it’s not secure. We have lots of different options that will best suit your school. Padlocks offer the best security but can become a pain if students continuously lose their keys. To reduce administration, you could choose a combination lock or go hi-tech with an RFID lock. We can help you decide which one works for your school.

Last, but not least, it’s all about keeping schools clean. That’s why our lockers are available with sloping tops so that clutter can’t accumulate. We can also provide stands for your lockers that make cleaning around them much easier. Plus, our lockers all come with ActiveCoat protection, which is a coating applied to the lockers to reduce the transmission of harmful bacteria.

Get in touch with Whittan

Ready to find the best locker for your school? At Whittan we offer a free survey and design service to ensure you get the right locker for your school and there is no obligation to purchase. We offer a wide range of locker styles in varying dimensions and, having worked with education providers for many years, we know we can find a solution that will neatly fill your available space. We also manufacture our lockers in the UK so that we can respond quickly to your needs.

We don’t stop at lockers either. If you’ve got a science laboratory, you may want to consider some of our specialist lockers and cupboards which have been designed for the safe storage of hazardous substances – ideal for the science labs! We can supply seating and benching for your changing room. Or, if you need to keep all those books stored neatly, our shelving systems provide the perfect solution.

Of course, although the summer holidays are the perfect time for getting work done on your school, here at Whittan we can install our lockers at any time of the year with very little disruption. Our installation teams can confirm all necessary DBS checks have been carried out.

Get in touch and find out how Whittan can help your school.

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