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Adapting Office Spaces

Adapting the Office for a Post Covid Working Environment


As an employer, you may be re-evaluating office working conditions as employees plan to return to work and accommodate those who may still be following flexible hybrid work-from-home and in-office day patterns. You are certainly not alone.

During the pandemic, many businesses in city locations, business parks, small offices or shared space arrangements adapted their working spaces for lower-density and more generous circulation and collaboration areas. Now they are considering what future changes to apply to their offices, looking at new spaces, workplace design and storage facilities to accommodate their business priorities.

In any office design, there will always be a need for storage and information retrieval - whether you are storing materials, finished products, archives, electronics or other equipment. The effectiveness of that storage becomes even more critical in city or smaller offices where space is at a premium.

Most businesses tend to work within their available space to maximise storage capabilities. This could be an easily accessible space close to their offices in a high-footfall location, rented stores, shared affordable workspace or warehouse storage space. Whatever your unique requirements, your storage space has to work and be flexible enough so that employees can safely access the stored goods or information and you can grow your enterprise.  It sounds easy, but it requires careful planning of layout, storage facilities and your operations.


Work the space!

At Whittan, we work with your space to turn it into smart working storage space - expanding your capabilities with storage and maximising opportunities. Our extensive range of storage products and solutions are easily accessible and suitable for offices, warehouses, and industrial environments. Our range of shelving solutions offers improved ease-of-use and accessibility. Mobile shelving gives high-density storage, significantly reducing the square footage required for storage, releasing or reducing valuable floor space for other operations, increasing capacities or allowing for downsizing.

These systems also assist in the centralisation of storage for bulk off-site operations, reducing expensive city centre floor space with economic light industrial rental.

Our specialists have created a FREE checklist for you to consider when it comes to storage, covering space, operation, layout and compliance. You can view and download this, HERE.


Storage Partner of Choice

Our e-commerce website, Storage Direct, offers a quick and efficient way to order storage requirements like pick bins, plastic boxes, step ladders, warehouse steps, metal lockers, plastic lockers, metal shelving, pallet racking or industrial racking. Need more guidance? No problem. Should you need help, we are here to advise and guide you before you make the purchase.

We bring the power of storage to your business and can also support any larger projects you may be planning. Our trusted products include Link51 and APEX, providing design, manufacture and installation of racking and shelving products. Our solutions are ubiquitous in many sectors and also include Hi-Store, for mezzanine floors; market-leading display and storage solutions for retail sectors from Polypal UK and an extensive range of lockers and workplace products from Probe and Link Lockers.  All Whittan products are manufactured locally and we have an extensive UK-wide network where our experts are on hand to help with queries and handle simple to full turnkey environmentally-efficient installations.


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