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A Stitch In Time

The fashion industry has suffered greatly during the last few years. As well as the disruptions caused by Brexit and the pandemic, clothing and fashion importers and exporters faced increasing costs, complications and delays as a result of the complex country of origin rules and resulting tariffs. This is in addition to the VAT and customs costs incurred when their goods enter or leave the country.


One viable solution to these issues is bonded warehousing. Bonded warehouses are part and parcel of the fashion industry supply chain, helping clothing suppliers and manufacturers to better manage business tariffs, customs and cashflows. Whether a business imports from an overseas manufacturer or a high-end retailer looks to launch a new product range, they will want to consider the best storage solutions available until they are ready to move their goods to their final destination.  


There are many advantages of businesses in the fashion industry using bonded warehousing. Apart from improving cash flow, products can be imported and stored in a bonded facility in preparation for peak sales periods. This ensures supply availability and that the products are ready for order fulfilment on demand.  As a result, this then places enormous pressure on the layout and design of the bonded warehouse and its supporting systems, which must be ready to quickly and safely deliver goods when the customer requires them.


Here at Whittan, we work closely with bonded warehouses, using Link51 products to assist in the design and set-up.  Bringing the power of storage to bonded warehousing, with Link51 you will be able to choose from a huge range of standard products that can be extensively configured for any storage requirement – large or small, simple or complex. Our highly experienced team ensures that our Link51 storage solution is tailored to suit the needs of you and your customers through its flexibility and durability.


Whittan is proud to be the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel shelving and pallet racking. Link51 products are produced across three UK sites, with an extensive UK-wide network of specialists on hand to help with queries and handle simple to full turnkey environmentally-efficient installations.


Would you like to discuss your next project? Feel free to call us – our storage experts are here to help. 

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