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A Royal Connection!

When curators in our royal palaces, public galleries, museums and private collections consider their storage requirements, it is of paramount importance that they have the specialist knowledge and expertise to help them in their handling and storage of priceless items to ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The nation has a treasure trove of millions of objects stored in various locations up and down the country. The objects include clothing worn by royalty throughout the ages, 4,000-year-old pots, paintings by the masters, iron lungs, microscopes, ancient Chinese robes, and modern-day ball gowns.

Here at Whittan, we recently spotted our Link51 storage solutions on a BBC programme with historian Lucy Worsley discussing valuable items used by royalty through the ages. 

As the UK’s expert in storage, Whittan has supplied Link51 products for 70 years to some of the most well-known museums, galleries and collectors in the UK. Providing full turnkey service, Whittan can design, manufacture and install storage solutions to provide tailored, secure storage for current collections and also accommodate future growth.

With a wide range of solutions available, Link51 products are produced across three UK sites where we are dedicated to designing and installing innovative steel storage systems to suit the needs of diverse customers and market sectors. Link51 products can be extensively configured to suit any environment and any application.

No project is too difficult or too complicated, with a wide variety of fully adaptable and customisable products and a team of industry experts, Whittan is able to meet complex requirements with ease. Whittan prides itself on the ability to expand your storage capabilities while using Link51 products to provide safety and security.

With 70 years of experience in steel shelving and pallet racking, we have full confidence in the excellent quality of our UK-based manufacturing, our solutions and our experienced teams, so let us bring the power of storage to your business.  Call us on 01952 682251, email or try our new live chat feature – our storage specialists are on hand to help.

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