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At Whittan we pride ourselves on the quality, durability and adaptability of our products, but we know our real strength is derived from the talents, ideas and experiences of our people. Because the right storage is nothing without the right people.

Our market leading shelving, racking and lockers are brought to you by a team of skilled individuals: from design to manufacture, installation, maintenance and beyond, it is their expertise which enables you to make the most of your space.

Only by partnering with the right people can you really expand your capabilities with storage. Our people are the right people. Read their stories and learn more about how their input shapes our offering and how it could shape the future of your business.


Richard Moss Chief Executive Officer

I joined Whittan in 2018 as Chief Sales Officer, having worked for 16 years for one of Whittan’s competitors. I had always known Whittan as one of the big players in the industry and it’s been fantastic to use my knowledge and experience to rise to the challenge. Coming from a sales background I’m very driven by winning business and new projects – and it’s been incredibly satisfying to see Whittan achieve new levels of success over the past couple of years. But more importantly I have valued the opportunity to create and build a team that blends fresh new ideas with the experience and perspective of people who have been here a really long time. Whittan is unique in that its people really do power the business – at every level people want you to succeed and are there to support you.


Peter Bood Maintenance Engineer

I started here aged 16 as an apprentice and in the last 33 years I’ve fixed anything and everything. I couldn’t get bored – the variety of works keeps things interesting, and the people are pretty good too. I’ve never worked anywhere else –  I know each and every machine and when something goes wrong it’s my job to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Otherwise everything stops. So yes I suppose that does count for something.


Finley Chapman General Assembly

I’ve only been here a year, but I love it. There’s always help and support available and I’m given the chance to learn and to prove myself. I get to work with my friend Dave too – we’re a great team. The best part is knowing the things I make travel all over the world – sometimes a ticket comes in from a football club and it’s exciting to think that a famous footballer might sit on one of the benches I’ve made!


Allan Wood Layout Designer

I’ve been here 18 years, but before that I worked in Aerospace doing press tool design. My job is to utilise space in the best possible way, designing room layouts to accommodate the maximum number of lockers. I enjoy working with the people I work with and it’s incredibly satisfying seeing how our combined effort comes together as a project is completed – the end product installed in the final space is always something I feel proud of.


Carl Bould Managing Director, Lockers

It’s only been 14 weeks but I already feel incredible pride working for a market leader – the quality of our products really are the best in the business. But it’s not just that, the service is the real reason our customers love us. There are people who have been working here for 45 years and that kind of employee loyalty really shines through. It’s people, not automation that make this business what it is.


Dagan Hyde Technical Training Manager

I’ve been here 40 years so there really isn’t much about this business, or the industry, that I don’t know! I joined in 1981 as an Engineering Apprentice and now I train our people in the application of our product – how to fit out a facility to ensure it is safe, cost effective and meets the client’s needs. I’ve also been instrumental in the development of Whittan’s own design configuration software. It’s a privilege to work for a market leading UK manufacturer and to continue to grow the engineering skill base in this country.


Nick Thompson Sales Manager, Shelving

I started here 18 years ago as a shelving designer, mapping out the space and products. Then I moved on to locker design and later sales support. Now, as a Sales Manager my clients range from retail stores to the NHS and MOD in the public sector. Literally every organisation you can think of needs shelving, but it’s never the same thing – every project and space is unique. And I guess my varied experience in this business helps me understand and interpret those challenges.


Stewart Adams Sales Director, Pallet Racking

Over the last 17 years I’ve worked with some of the UK's largest retailers and logistics companies and completed some of the largest projects in the history of the company. These include a 35m high dark warehouse for one of the biggest logistics companies in the UK, which is fully automated and operates entirely without human intervention. We are continually innovating to address environmental and sustainability challenges and recently installed the world’s biggest vertical farm – a set up which yields 250 times more than the equivalent land mass and uses only 5% of the water. It’s great to be at the forefront of this technology.


Charlotte Knell Production Supervisor

It’s been 6 months since I started and every day is different – I plan and supervise the shift, manage the team leaders and lead the training. My background is in motorsport production. I've worked on the shop floor, so I know what makes people happy and makes them want to stay working here. That’s valuable. And because I’ve done the job it means I’ve got a bit of presence about me – and I need it managing 68 men!


With a combined experience that spans decades, our team is uniquely placed, in the UK, to understand your storage challenges. Got a project you'd like to discuss? [spanOpen] Get in touch with the right people today.[spanClose]